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Revolutionizing Healthcare Staffing With Our App: Local, On-Demand, and HIPAA-Compliant

Your partner in navigating the dynamic landscape of healthcare delivery. As a proud minority female-owned S. Corporation, we introduce a cutting-edge on-demand healthcare staffing app—an innovative solution for both home and facility-based care.

Our platform is designed to streamline staffing needs with a licensed portal fully compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Enrolled facilities can seamlessly request coverage, monitor the fulfillment of their needs, and receive comprehensive information about the assigned healthcare provider well in advance. Clear and concise instructions are provided to healthcare workers regarding their reporting location.

No more reliance on travel nurses. Our app connects facilities with qualified healthcare professionals within a 20-mile radius of the required care destination. This enables real-time communication of staffing needs, with the assurance that fully trained and onboarded staff will promptly arrive to support your team.

Nurse Lynx adopts a subscription model, ensuring predictable monthly revenue at an attractive price point to attract and retain subscribers. Starting in 2023, we offer Direct Placement and Temporary services, with plans to introduce licensed software users, a Marketplace, and Agency subscribers in 2024. Nurse Lynx is your forward-looking partner, addressing evolving healthcare staffing needs with precision and efficiency. Join us in revolutionizing healthcare staffing! As part of our offering, you can expect a robust platform that can help you with the following and more:

Healthcare staffing request portal

Telehealth services

Case management services

Discover a revolutionary approach to healthcare staffing, where ease of registration, precise matching, and efficient communication converge. Our platform seamlessly connects healthcare facilities with the right staffing agencies, ensuring streamlined operations and exceptional care delivery.

Staffing agencies register on our platform by creating profiles that showcase their expertise, specialties, and available staff. They provide information about their agency, such as location, years of experience, and any specific industries they serve.

Facilities that require replacement staff post their shift or job openings on our platform. They include details such as the type of staff needed, shift duration, required qualifications, and location.

Facilities can search for staffing agencies based on location, specialties, or ratings/reviews. Staffing agencies indicate their availability and the types of staff they can provide (e.g., nurses, medical technicians, administrative staff).

Facilities review the profiles and availability of different staffing agencies and select the one that best meets their requirements. They may consider factors such as the agency’s reputation, proximity to their location, and the qualifications and experience of the staff provided.

Once a facility selects a staffing agency, they can communicate through our platform to discuss further details, negotiate terms, and confirm the staffing arrangement. This can include shift timings, payment rates, and any specific requirements.

The selected staffing agency assigns suitable staff to cover the requested shifts or job openings. Facilities provide feedback on the staff’s performance and report any issues or concerns through our platform.

Our platform facilitates the financial transactions between the facility and staffing agency. This includes invoicing, payment processing, and ensuring timely and accurate payments to the staffing agency for the provided services.

Both facilities and staffing agencies can leave ratings and reviews for each other, helping build a reputation system that informs future users about the quality of service provided.

Seamless Healthcare Staffing: A Comprehensive Digital Solution

Our platform offers a streamlined process for healthcare staffing, starting with effortless registration and profile creation for agencies, highlighting their expertise and specialties. Facilities can conveniently post their staffing needs, detailing specific requirements and shift durations. The platform's sophisticated search functionality enables facilities to find the right staffing agency based on location, specialties, and reviews, ensuring a perfect match for their needs.

Once a suitable staffing agency is identified, our platform facilitates seamless communication and confirmation of staffing arrangements. This includes discussing shift timings, payment rates, and specific requirements, ensuring clarity and efficiency in the process. The selected staffing agency then assigns qualified staff to cover the requested shifts, with facilities providing feedback and reporting any concerns through our platform.

The platform also handles the financial aspects, including invoicing and payment processing, ensuring timely and accurate payments. Furthermore, it fosters a community of trust through a ratings and reviews system, allowing both facilities and staffing agencies to leave feedback. This system helps build a reputable network, informing future users about the quality of service provided.

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